Mak Murtić (b.1988) is a Croatian composer. Until 2010 Murtić studied architecture and formed and played in various Zagreb based jazz ensembles.
In 2010 Murtić moved to London and founded Mimika Orchestra which has since released three concept albums. Apart from Mimika Orchestra, Murtic has worked with various  London based ensembles and groups (Grand Union Orchestra, Phaze Theory, Animanz, Nwando Ebizie, Dion Palumbo, Clapham Community Choir, Royal Festival Orchestra, Shapla Salique etc) and various international groups and musicians.


In 2013 Murtic was accepted into Sound and Music's “Adopt a Composer” programme working on a piece for the Clapham Community Choir. In the meantime he recorded an album with the Croatian Radio Television Jazz Orchestra ("Antarctica and other destinations"), wrote a piece for the Septet Ad Libitum of the Zagreb Symphony, music for the students at the Purcell School, for White Flower ensemble, Tom Atherton and other musicians. During that period, he wrote music for short films as well as arrangements for various ensembles, most notably the recently critically acclaimed immersive theatre “Vengeance of Lady Vendredi”.


In the recent years, Murtic has been centered in Zagreb, Croatia and has written music for various films, theatres and ensembles. (notably “Granice” commissioned by the Zagreb Dance Centre , “Jedna od Nas”, a documentary by Duro Gavran and for the short film "Inkorničata" commisioned by the European Capital of Culture Rijeka 2020, the film "Škoj ili ne?" released in 2021 and projects with the Croatian Radio Television Jazz Orchestra) He performed with various acclaimed bands such as Porto Morto, On and JR August and guested in many others.


He has participated in various one off projects and collaborative projects, including One Beat Balkans in 2019 as a participant and in 2020 as one of the fascilitators / leaders of the programme. In 2019 he participated in an orchestral project with Billy Martin (Medeski, Martin and Wood), wrote arrangements for Darko Rundek and the Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra, and a piece for Sinkovic / Mercep percussion duo for the Zagreb Musical Biennale 2019 and others.


Murtic currently actively performs with Antenat , Croatian Improvisers Orchestra, Mimika Orchestra and Truth ≠Tribe. He wrote a piece for the Zagreb Musical Biennale 2021 for Ensemble Illyrica. In the same year he wrote the piece Telos for Ensemble Illyrica commissioned by the Zagreb based contemporary classical performance series "Scena Amadeo". In October 2021 he was selected to write for the Rimouski (Canada) based contemporary experimental ensemble Ggril and went to a residency in Salon 58 in Marsoui, Canada where he wrote the piece "Procession de la foret d'automne". That year he also collaborated with the acclaimed Berlin based artist and sound designer Benoit Maubrey on a performance in Zagreb's Museum of Contemporary Art.

In 2022 Murtic has together with Marta Kolega and Filip Borelli started an artist residency on the Island Connect programme where they are exploring the themes of isolation, loneliness and the labyrinth of thought that the mind creates in a set of studies and interactive installations. The project started on island Cres in Croatia and continues onto island Naxos in Greece.

Currently he is preparing Mimika Orchestra's new album, and writing material in continuation to the topic of the farce, myth and reality of the Mediterranean islands, preparing a theatre show in collaboration with Numen for use and writing music for two upcoming films as well as preparing a set of interactive workshops based around Zagreb's derelict Velesajam (fair).